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That's Our Story

Aberdeen Beautification Committee (ABC), came about when we (Bobbi and Bette) both retired not ready to slow down. The City of Aberdeen’s Parks Department had a small hanging basket program downtown but they had a limited budget. It was destiny!

ABC got to work sending out donation request letters to 200 businesses and community members. We raised $15,000 that year, including sponsorship from local service groups and the city. The flower basket program has grown over the past 4 years from a few hanging baskets and aggregate pots to 150 hanging baskets and 103 aggregate pots.

A group of volunteers (the Bloom Team) goes out twice a month from May – September deadheading plants and picking up trash. The Parks Department staff waters and fertilizes these plants daily. The program has grown into a great success!

 WinterFest began as an idea to enhance our community during the winter months. It was an idea that we talked about, got excited about, eventually running with it! We originally had hoped to raise enough funds to purchase an artificial ice rink – but after several months of fundraising it was clear we weren’t going to make it! We contacted our contributors prepared to refund the donations; most declined the offer instead supporting the new event.

Not knowing what to expect, we had hoped to have 75 – 100 people attend – we were excited that over 200 came out the first night! WinterFest was a success and we are looking forward to adding to it each year.


The Cookie Club

One of the first things you learn in event planning 101, is that the best times require some good people. The volunteer committee for WinterFest is a gathering of folks that you might recognize from other annual events in Grays Harbor. These people know how to throw a party. 


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